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Valley Medical Center, Renton, Washington, has operated a bariatric surgery Center of Excellence program named "Washington Bariatric & Weight Loss Center".  Unfortunately, that program has closed, for economic/financial reasons.  Valley Medical Center has posted the following on its website:

Bariatric / Weight Loss

Effective August 11, 2008, the Washington Bariatric & Weight Loss Center has discontinued bariatric surgeries. Patients who have planned or scheduled surgeries should call 425.251.5111 to discuss referrals to other providers or other program questions.

Effective October 10, 2008, The Washington Bariatric & Weight Loss Center will close. Valley Medical Center will continue with some post-surgical patient support until mid-2009.


Dr. Hanafy continues to honor any Lap Band adjustments or other long term follow up plans initiated at Valley Medical Center, in order to maintain continuity of care.  The evidence is consistent in that, for bariatric surgery patients to maintain success, they need to continue to see their doctor and to participate in support groups on a regular basis.  Dr. Hanafy is very much interested in seeing his patients succeed on the long term.  The number to call is (206) 353-8146. 

Last updated March 14, 2009